If there is any vibe you pick up when you first start working for Lone Star Legal Aid, it’s the “can do” attitude that C.E.O. Paul Furrh exudes.  That mindset has been instilled in all of our staff and that is exactly why we have been able to continue our mission after being displaced ourselves.

Jonathon Blizter, a reporter from The New Yorker, had the opportunity to talk to Debra Wray Furrh, Roslyn Jackson, Saundra Brown, and of course, Darren Gold, about how we are continuing to work after losing our building.  As Debra says, “you just stay calm.”  Darren went into our Houston office building after it burned.  He did not go to access the damage, although that also needed to be done; his first priority was to get our disaster kits.  Throughout the year, when there is not a disaster, our team works on education and preparation.  We have disaster kits ready with flyers offering advice for the various legal issues people face in the wake of a disaster. Darren retrieved those kits and they made their way to the shelters, where we had staff ready to hand them out.

To read Jonathon Blitzter’s article, see Offering Legal Aid After Harvey, The New Yorker.


One thought on “Offering Legal Aid After Harvey, The New Yorker

  1. I need to know what to do my landlord says I have to pay 75% of my rent because they’re giving me a break. They’re pushing me to get my things out I’ve not gotten any final response from Fina waiting on them. My phone number is 409-679-1169.

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